Soo……. Much

Soo……. Much

What if we get something extra? That’s really nice, if it comes as an incentive or a bonus or as a non-tangible gift for the extra efforts or attention we have made.

Yesterday was moved by the attitude of an Auto-Rickshaw driver, while I was struggling to get a conveyance from Metro station back home at 7.30pm. He took me for a drive for Rs.30/- & brought to my attention that he is shot of change. I had only Rs. 100/-&Rs. 20/- as change with me. Due to his warm gesture &his helping mentality, I handed over Rs. 100/- to him & asked him to keep the balance amount with him. To my surprise hereturned the Rs. 100/- note I offered him& said, “I will take money only for the work I do. If you have only Rs. 20/-, I am ok with that.”Hey CANDID FELLOW BEING…..I admire you.

Our world would have been a peaceful place if all of us would have thought alike.

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