A Fish bone Story

A Fish bone Story

Fish bone never wanna hurt me. But it happened. I was attending a training session @ Hotel Presidency, Kochi. The title for the day was “PROBLEM SOLVING”& I got a demo after my half-day’s session. We had a sumptuous buffet lunch &were enjoying the dishes 1-by-1, while chit-chatting with my fellow delegates. My enjoyment didn’t last for long. Just like a Banyan tree falling across a busy road, something got stuck inside my throat in an East-West direction. I knew, “I GOT IT”. Informing my hubby, immediately I rushed to the nearby Specialist Hospital which is just walkable distance from the hotel. I was unattended since the ENT doctor wasn’t available. They advised me to go to Lissie Hospital. Since I was managing alone, seeked the help of Auto drivers to commute to Lissie Hospital. Seems 1 auto driver had fought with his wife & the second one was in the hangover after having lunch. Both weren’t ready to offer a helping hand. Finally a kindhearted auto person rushed me to the causality. From Causality to OP……from ENT Surgeon to Gastroentrologist……from X-ray to Scanning…..from VL Scopy to Endoscopy…….I had to go through a long long process. Finally, “The Great Fishbone” escaped into my stomach, making fun of all who were involved in this process. I went through a bumpy ride for 3 hours. At last, restored the tranquility with a slight pain in my throat.

Problem Solving : I got a difficult problem to solve and could handle it all alone in the best possible way. The half day training really worked. The doctors demanded to have a bystander before doing my endoscopy & my dear sis Dayu rushed in to help me out. Until then could use my problem solving skills to manage the uncertain situation, without creating anxiety to others.
Every process takes its own time : Since it was an emergency situation, I thought the action would be immediate. But took a long process to get it done. However urgent the matter is for us, every process takes its own time. We need to be patient enough.
Gratitude : I am always grateful to the auto driver, Dr. Divya M. Thekkedath, Dr. Thomas James, My dear Dayu, and all those who helped me in my 3 hour journey. Got a jackpot too, an additional Thyroglossal duct cyst measuring 2.9×2.2 cm in my anterior neck. Thankful to the fish bone too for creating a such a drama to identify the above cyst.

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  1. 👌🏻👌🏻👌🏻👌🏻Kshamu u have presented the melodrama in such a fabulous way 💐💐💐loves the positivity 😘😘

    1. Dayu….if you weren’t there I dont think I cld have finished it in this way. Sis u were there with me at the most required time…as always. Thanks a million.

  2. No matter l am late , it’s worth commenting.what if it happened days ago . It’s about an experience , not too common,a nd an escape certainly uncommon. Problem solving session ended up with a unique demonstration. I appreciate your courage n presence of mind. U have proved your problem solving skill.It will stand u in good stead all through ur life Is worthy of emulation.

    1. Ammayi…thanks much for your billion dollar worth comments. Moreover, your call was a great inspiration for me to pen down my thoughts again.

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