Even Mosquitos can be stress busters:

Even Mosquitos can be stress busters:

Even Mosquitos  can be stress busters:


It was a Thursday, my fasting day of the week. I normally go to Krishna temple and chant Sahasranams.  Morning, on the way to the temple, I had a terrific fight with my hubby. I reached the temple and started chanting Sahasranams. My anger towards him had no bounds & wasn’t able to chant it in peace. I was worried that am not getting peace of mind even to pray. I still continued praying since I had to rush to my office after this.

Suddenly I could feel the bite of a hungry mosquito on my legs. I tried to fly it away but due to the sweetness of my B+ blood it has started doing many Pradakshins around me as if am a less combative meal for it. I was moving my legs and hands in between so that I won’t get its bite. Whenever I got a chance to smash it I tried that too. Finally I finished chanting Sahasranams & my focus was only on the mosquito that gave me hard time during this 20 minutes.

Ahhhhh……the bloody mosquito got jammed between my palms.

OMG……what have I done?????? In fact, I killed the one who changed my thoughts. Felt really sad for the dead mosquito that could divert my attention. After waiting for few minutes, I got the Prasadam too and there comes the Poojary’s comment…….”Saw you dancing while chanting”.

I broke out in laughter……… thinking…….a mosquito could change my attitude towards my hubby.

THOUGHT PROVOKING…  ……Isn’t it ???  

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  1. Difference of openions are meant to be in family life but do not take it as serious to get disturbed. Think of it and find out who could be right or wrong on discussing it further when you both choose the right time for it. Take things easy and sort it well.

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