Mom….Pl don’t underestimate me

Mom….Pl don’t underestimate me



Returning home after my office hours is the most furious hours on a working day.

School bags on the floor…… text books, note books, pouches, pencil box, folders, all scattered on the sofas…..waste papers, teddyz, toys roaming around…….ID cards & Tie on the dining table. I have to practise high jumps & long jumps to enter one or other rooms in our apartment. If some guests drop in, I need to borrow some space (from my children) for them to sit. Cleanliness is part of me & now you know why I get furious.

My hubby is ok with the way it is & always advise me, this is the only time we are seeing our children & hence turn a blind eye when you enter home. I too feel guilty at times for being rude to them.

While relaxing on a holiday, I was seeking the advise of my mother-in-law on how to calm down this situation at home. And to my surprise my 8 yr. old younger one Eva Krishna gave some valuable insights. She said, ” Amma thats very simple. Please see us as your client.”

Hey Genius, thanks for finding me a simple solution for the unresolved problem. Yes….Biggest problems always have simple solutions.

Being in Business we follow the saying “Clients / customers are the King.” Now she is asking me to consider them in a similar way. Yes…moms like me take them for granted & hence our interaction with them is so casual. Be serious Kshama. They are your Kings & Queens.



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  1. Kool… now onward i hope you won’t go furious…… it ‘s a great point as scoldings will get reduced…..

  2. Kool…. i hope from now onward you don’t go furious… Eva is wise and intelligent….hope she is getting less scoldings …. great thought for all Mom’s…..

  3. Superb solution by the little genius…
    Yes dear, enjoy this sweet phase of life… They are kids… Let them be by themselves at least now…

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